Bust Buckthorn in 'Tunnel Valley' (+Pizza)

Submitted by srich on Wed, Sep 4 - 12:56 PM

Photos by Gabrielle Ghreichi and Adam Flett, FMR

Volunteers enjoy a nice fall workout removing buckthorn and other woody species. The clearer area not only provides a better view, but makes room for native plants more benificial for our waters and wildlife.

Centered around one of the most impressive landscape features in southern Washington County, Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park totals nearly 600 acres. The ravine for which it is named is approximately a half-mile wide with 80- to 100-foot slopes, and bisects the park north to south before ending in a small lake. Known as a "tunnel valley," the ravine was carved by a subglacial drainageway that carried large volumes of water, eroding the valley.

Volunteers will work with FMR Senior Ecologist Karen Schik to continue the restoration of this beautiful park, and expand the restoration area, by hauling cut brush, primarily buckthorn. (There may also be some brush-cutting for volunteers comfortable working with handsaws or loppers.) This will help open the canopy, making way for native plants beneficial to local wildlife and waters to return.

No experience is required and all supplies, including pizza, will be provided. Entry to the park, normally $5, is free for participating volunteers.

Photos from similar events (same park, slightly different location) are available from our fall 2012 and 2013 flickr albums.

Photo by Amy Kilgore, FMR

In addition to improving water quality and providing wildlife habitat, removing woody invasive species improves the view! This area used to be mostly buckthorn.


This restoration is part of a larger effort to designate and restore a green corridor in southern Washington County, a connected system of natural areas for wildlife and the preservation of our natural communities. It is also part of a larger partnership with 3M and community agencies to protect and restore important natural areas in Cottage Grove 


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