'Ecosystems Invaded!' online lesson

High School students assist FMR staff with removing buckthorn an invasive species at a restoration site

Many invasive species removal projects are taken on and completed by high school students. Here a group of Harding High School students and their teacher pose next to the pile of buckthorn they were able to remove.

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'Ecosystems Invaded!'

After learning what an "ecosystem" is and how everything is interconnected, we'll discuss the difference between native, non-native, invasive, and non-invasive plants and animals and why this matters for our local wildlife and waters.

We'll also talk about how humans introduced them locally in our metro Mississippi River corridor, and what we (students included!) can do to control invasives and promote healthier habitat and waters. 

Come explore invasive species with these videos, note sheets and activities.

And when you're done, please share your answers to the challenge question about forests with us by sending an email to education@fmr.org

Full video lesson

Transcript available here.

Supplemental video: Take an invasives walk with FMR Ecologist Alex Roth


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