Pull garlic mustard at the river gorge sand flats [FULL]

Event Date: 
Tuesday, May 21, 2019 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
River Gorge Sand Flats
Volunteers can expect to fill many trash bags with garlic mustard at this event!

Thank you for your interest in this event, we've reached capacity and registrations are no longer being accepted. Please consider joining us at the Vermillion AMA for our last scheduled garlic mustard pull of the season or another upcoming restoration event.


Join us for an evening of invasive species removal at the Minneapolis river gorge sand flats, known for their large sandy beaches and wonderful river-edge view. Working alongside FMR staff, volunteers will remove garlic mustard – an exotic plant invading many areas of the river gorge and outcompeting native plant species.

Although a serious threat, garlic mustard is not only easy to identify but quick to pull by hand. Volunteers will be pleased to see a dramatic difference in ground cover by the end of this event – improving both water quality and wildlife habitat.

As always, we'll provide any necessary tools and training. All are welcome, however, capacity is limited and registration required.

This event is supported by the local neighborhood group, the Longfellow Community Council, and Longfellow area residents are encouraged to attend. The event is also part of the Gorge Stewards program, which actively engages citizens throughout the Twin Cities in the stewardship of the national treasure that is the Mississippi River Gorge.

New this year at our volunteer events: invasive species collector's cards! Each card features all the specifics you need to ID a plant in the field plus tips on how to stop invasion. Fits in your pocket. Use it at events or in your own yard (or show it off at parties). Collect all four by signing up for events featuring each invasive. (Bonus: You'll also gain SuperVolunteer status.) Collect the first of the series, garlic mustard, at this event.

Can’t make it?

Thanks to our Gorge Stewards Program partners and funders: Longfellow Community Council, Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board, Andeavor Foundation, RBC Wealth Management, The Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, Xcel Energy, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and US Forest Service