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By Trevor Russell
July 15, 2019

After decades of delay, Minnesota’s Groundwater Protection Rule aims to protect public health by addressing fertilizer contamination in groundwater. This is the first time our state has exercised its regulatory authority over cropland agriculture to protect water quality. >>

July 9, 2019

Join us at lovely Willow Lake Farm for "Butterflies, Bluegreens, Kilowatts & Calories," August 16-17. >>

By Trevor Russell
June 12, 2019

A surprising split-decision has left the Legislative Water Commission with an uncertain future. >>

By Peter LaFontaine
June 11, 2019

Tired of all of the rainstorms yet? This year has been a historically wet and flood-prone year, impacting cities, towns and farms across the Midwest. In this news roundup, find out what's happening and why it matters.  >>

By Peter LaFontaine
June 10, 2019

As reported by the Star Tribune, new limits on farm fertilizer will benefit human health and wildlife. It's a huge step for the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, but is the state doing enough to protect our drinking water and the Mississippi River? >>

By Trevor Russell
May 29, 2019

The 2019 Legislative Session kicked on in January with Governor Walz presiding over the only divided state legislature in the nation.

This led to some core disagreements, missed deadlines and an assorted bag of victories and compromises for Minnesota's environment and the Mississippi River.

Here’s a brief summary of the major items we were tracking, and how each turned out. >>

By Trevor Russell
May 29, 2019

Overall, the legislative session resulted in modest additional funding for some of our top priorities while many of the worst provisions were dropped. Along with our allies, we are deeply grateful to the FMR River Guardians who consistently demonstrated their strong support for the river and healthy lands and waters for all Minnesota communities. Learn more about which FMR priorities made it, which did not, and where we go from here.  >>

By Trevor Russell
May 24, 2019

The bipartisan Omnibus Legacy Bill was passed during the Special Session and includes $261.26 million for the Clean Water Fund. Here’s what was included in the final version. >>

By Trevor Russell
May 21, 2019

With our Legislature's adjournment date passed and no final agreements on most policy and budget issues, a special session will be required. And most major water and conservation issues are yet to be decided. Here are our positions on some of the major issues still in play.  >>

By Trevor Russell
May 14, 2019

Today, FMR, along with twenty-three other organizations, signed a letter requesting legislators provide full funding for eh University of Minnesota’s Forever Green Initiative in the final Clean Water Fund negotiations.