Water Act Part 3: Invest in clean water

All Minnesotans deserve clean water

Minnesotans gather at the Capitol to remind legislators that not everyone in the Land of 10,000 Lakes has clean public drinking water, lakes, creeks or rivers. (Join us for Water Action Day 2019!)

This session, FMR and our coalition partners are teaming up to advance a new way forward for clean water in Minnesota: The Minnesota Water Act.

The third part of the four-part Minnesota Water Act promotes critical investments in clean water.

Water Act Article 3: Invest in clean water

Article three includes critical investments in infrastructure, research and conservation. These range from funding wastewater and drinking water treatment systems to creating new programs that will diversify our crops, strengthening rural communities while we protect our drinking water.

  • Fully fund Forever Green
    $7.5 million per year in General Fund support for the University of Minnesota Forever Green Initiative will develop new crops that protect our water while maintaining farm profitability. Read more about this exciting new crop research effort.
  • Fund a new drinking water protection program (Phase II)
    $8 million will push the next phase of the “Working Lands Drinking Water Protection Program”. Statewide, roughly 118,000 acres of highly vulnerable wellhead protection areas are currently in row crops — putting public water supplies at risk. This program is designed specifically to help farmers plant and sell alternative crops that protect drinking water while maintaining farm profitability. As a pilot initiative, it is limited to the state's most vulnerable wellhead areas. Read more about this innovative effort.
  • Fund water infrastructure
    $102.65 million in state General Obligation bonds for much-needed wastewater and drinking water treatment systems statewide. This includes vital funding for wastewater, drinking water and other water infrastructure. These funds are often directed to the communities who can least afford these protections without state assistance. 
  • Fully fund land conservation
    $44 million in state General Obligation bonds for the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP), an important land conservation program. 
  • Protect the Clean Water Fund
    Allocate the Clean Water Fund (Legacy Amendment money for water) as recommended by the state’s nonpartisan Clean Water Council. It's vital that these funds are protected from partisan politics, and invested in the best projects as determined by Clean Water Council advisors. 

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