What’s your favorite view on the Mississippi River?

The National Park Service is putting together a “Visual Resource Protection Plan” for the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, a 72-mile corridor through the Twin Cities from Dayton to Hastings. Scenic views are some of the most highly valued resources within the MNRRA corridor, but increasing pressure from urban development poses a threat to these views and the sense of place they provide to residents and visitors.

The goal of the plan is preserve, protect and enhance views along the Mississippi River in the Twin Cities, but the first step is to gather public input and identify which scenic views are most valued and important to protect.

You can help by taking a few minutes to provide input about your favorite views. The National Park Service is collecting information about how often you visit the viewpoint, how long you stay there, how you reach the area, and why you feel it is scenic. You can also upload a photograph of your favorite view! The deadline for submitting your favorite view or views is February 22, 2013.

If you would like more information, please contact Susan Overson at susan_overson@nps.gov.