Winter Maintenance and Salting

Shovel early and often

If you can, try to get ahead of the ice by shoveling early and often. (Photo: FEMA/Wikimedia)

While road and sidewalk salt makes life easier during the winter, too much causes serious problems for the river. Just 1 teaspoon of salt is enough chloride to permanently pollute 5 gallons of river, lake or creek water.

Visit these sites for information to reduce your environmental impact while making your sidewalks and driveways safer to travel. And sign up to be a River Guardian if you'd like to help reduce the amount of salt we use statewide.

Quick tips for reducing chloride pollution:

  • Shovel early and often
  • Sweep up excess salt before it enters a storm drain
  • Consider alternatives to salt
  • Only apply salt when it's above 15 degrees
  • Apply salt so that large grains are all roughly 3 inches from each other 



From Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO):


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