Worknight in Pine Bend Bluffs - FULL

Submitted by srich on Thu, Apr 26 - 1:22 PM
 View of Pine Bend Bluffs.]

Photo: Dakota County (top) and FMR

Unfortunately, we have reached our capacity for volunteers at this event, and registration is now closed.  

Volunteers will learn about one of the most beautiful areas in the Upper Mississippi River Basin, Pine Bend Bluffs Scientific and Natural Area, and assist with critical habitat restoration work in this hidden gem. The Pine Bend Scientific and Natural Area (SNA) is known for some of the best views of the Upper Mississippi River, and is an award-winning restoration project!

Restoration Ecologist Karen Schik will train volunteers to identify and remove invasive species like spotted knapweed, hoary alyssum and cheat grass, in an effort to improve the ecological health of the natural communities that are found there. Removing these weedy species will help to enhance the area's ecological integrity and protect the prairie's threatened native plant species.
As always, training, gloves, tools and guidance will be provided. Volunteers should be aware that an SNA is not your average park. There are no paved trails, pavilions or other facilities in this beautiful, important area.

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Unfortunately, we have reached our capacity for volunteers at this event, and registration is now closed.

To ensure a high-quality experience, capacity is limited and preregistration required. To sign up, contact FMR Program Assistant Katie Clower at kclower[at] or by selecting "Katie Clower" in the dropdown menu under "Category" in our contact form. She can also be reached at 651-222-2193 x23. Please include: the name of the event, your name, address and phone number and the number in your party.

You will receive a confirmation email and additional details, such as directions and what to wear, from kclower[at] within, at most, a week. If you have earthlink or an active SPAM filter, please add Katie's email address to your contacts to ensure receipt. If you see directions to the site on other organization's webpages, they will probably lead you to the wrong spot. The coulee is a large area with several possible meeting points.

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Photos from a similar event at this location are available in this Flickr photo set.

The Scientific & Natural Area program preserves natural features and rare resources of exceptional scientific and educational value. SNAs such as Pine Bend Bluffs are intended to give people the opportunity to experience undisturbed nature. FMR helped create the Pine Bend SNA and has been leading its restoration  — with professional and volunteers alike — since 1999. Additional information is available from project partner the MN Department of Natural Resources.