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Previous action alerts

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What we weigh in on

In addition to advocating for strong water quality rules and laws at the state and national levels (see action alerts above or check out our Legislative Updates blog), FMR is involved in a wide variety of metro corridor projects and proposals. We speak up for the river throughout the Twin Cities river corridor. 

     • 08/31/2018 Port Authority's Proposal to Fill Eagle Lake – District 1 Comments
     • 08/20/2018 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Lock Disposition Study Comments
     • 07/20/2018 Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan Comments
     • 07/17/2018 Cottage Grove 2040 Comprehensive Plan Comments
     • 01/31/2018 Mississippi Gateway Regional Park Master Plan Letter of Support
     • 12/14/2017 Letter to Public Utilities Commission re: Crown Hydro
     • 11/16/2017 Riverview Corridor Comments
     • 08/25/2017 Nitrogen Fertilizer Rule Comments
     • 08/08/2017 Inver Grove Heights Proposed Sale of River Heights Park Comments
     • 07/26/2017 Stop Carp Funding Letter of Support 
     • 07/14/2017 St. Paul Ford Area C Site Comments
     • 06/30/2017 St. Paul Ford Site Zoning and Public Realm Plan Updated Comments
     • 06/22/2017 Minneapolis St. Anthony Falls Aesthetic Flow Adequacy Plan FERC Comments
     • 06/09/2017 Minneapolis Short Line Bridge Letter of Support
     • 05/17/2017 St. Paul River Balcony Master Plan Comments
     • 03/22/2017 Scherer Site & Hall’s Island Reconstruction EAW Comments
     • 02/21/2017 Minneapolis St. Anthony Falls Flow Survey Report Comments
     • 01/24/2017 Governor Dayton's MRCCA Thank You Letter
     • 01/23/2017 Fort Snelling Visitor Center Letter of Support
     • 01/09/2017 St. Paul Ford Site Zoning and Public Realm Plan Comments

Current river corridor advocacy sites

At each of our metro riverfront sites, FMR partners with community organizations, local residents and River Guardians to ensure that the essential values of public access, scenic views, historic preservation and environmental quality are respected.

Note: We're working to update this with more details and information on each site. As soon as it's done, we'll be sure to announce it in our e-newsletter, Mississippi Messages. All River Guardians are automatically subscribed. 

A map of FMR River advocacy sites in the Twin Cities

Questions? Concerns?

Please contact FMR River Guardians Program Manager Sophie Downey at or 651.222.2193 x27.