In the Media

FMR is proud to serve as the voice for the Mississippi River and the people who care about it — at the Capitol, in our communities and in the media. Many thanks to the reporters who take the time to cover important river issues.

Star Tribune ― May 1, 2024
by Greg Stanley and Christopher Vondracek

How will new incentives to grow corn for ethanol-based aviation fuels affect climate and our river? Water Program Director Trevor Russell weighed in.

Missouri Farmer Today ― April 19, 2024
by Madeline Heim

A public opinion poll found that a majority of people living in the Mississippi River basin support a program like the one that the Mississippi River Restoration and Resilience Initiative Act in Congress would create. FMR's Whitney Clark talked about the bill and its path forward.

Northeaster ― April 17, 2024
by Cynthia Sowden

In honor of Earth Day, the Northeaster looks at the health of the Mississippi River in terms of nitrates, salt and invasive carp. FMR's Colleen O'Connor Toberman explained the need for urgent action.

The Minnesota Daily ― April 17, 2024
by Grace Aigner

FMR Ecologist Leah Weston worked with community members and others to shape a restoration plan at this beloved Minneapolis park.

MPR News ― March 30, 2024
by Kirsti Marohn

The Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council voted to allocate money to move forward on an invasive carp deterrent on the Mississippi River near Winona. 

Star Tribune ― March 27, 2024
by Bob Timmons

FMR and the Stop Carp Coalition's pursuit of an invasive carp deterrent crossed a significant — and exciting — threshold thanks to an unexpected source of funding. 

Outdoor News ― March 20, 2024
by Brian Mozey

A new funding pathway at the Capitol may open up for an invasive carp deterrent near Winona, Minnesota.

The Minnesota Daily ― March 20, 2024
by Leo Huppke

Writer Leo Huppke talked to FMR Conservation Director Alex Roth about our work for an ode to the Mississippi River near campus.

KIMT ― March 8, 2024
by Sean Macaday

Hundreds of invasive carp were caught near Winona in December. Last month, the DNR caught 83 more. FMR's Colleen O'Connor Toberman stresses the importance of acting now to stop the spread of these fish.

MinnPost ― February 29, 2024
by Margaret Cherne-Hendrick, Paul Austin and Ellen Anderson

In this opinion piece, our policy advocate Ellen Anderson and our colleagues make the case for a Clean Transportation Standard for Minnesota this legislative session.

KIMT ― February 16, 2024
by Sean Macaday

FMR Executive Director Whitney Clark explains the benefits of a multi-state approach to address the river's most significant threats.

Star Tribune ― February 15, 2024
by Dennis Anderson

Dennis Anderson interviews Dr. Peter Sorensen about research and feasibility of an invasive carp deterrent. Anderson mentions FMR's advocacy at the Legislature.

Star Tribune ― February 12, 2024
by Laura Yuen

FMR Agricultural Policy Manager Peter LaFontaine explains how his summer camp experience led him into environmental policy work.

Star Tribune ― February 10, 2024
by Madeline Heim

A bill to create a place-based, whole-river program Mississippi River Restoration and Resilience Initiative Act was introduced in both the House and the Senate for the first time. FMR Executive Director Whitney Clark is quoted.

Star Tribune ― January 27, 2024
by Dennis Anderson

Dennis Anderson's latest column calls on Minnesota lawmakers to invest in a barrier to slow down the spread of invasive carp.


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