Ashley O'Neill Prado

Ashley O'Neill Prado of Friends of the Mississippi River

Administrative Assistant

Professional Bio

Ashley became our administrative office manager in September 2019.

They graduated from Vassar College with degrees in environmental studies and biology. They serve as a member of the Minneapolis Southside Green Zones Council and are the programs coordinator for Tamales y Bicicletas Urban Farm. 

FMR Role

Ashley manages the office for all FMR staff and makes sure everyone has what they need to be successful in their roles. They also organize our board meetings and staff gatherings. 

Personal Details

Ashley grew up around the east and west sides of Twin Cities metro area and became interested in food and environmental justice through their love of biology and the outdoors. In their free time, Ashley is a musician, cyclist, and wild foods forager who enjoys cooking and countless other crafts and hobbies.

Contact, 651.222.2193 x10