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Sara DeKok

Welcome back, John!

John Briel

We're thrilled to welcome John Briel back to the FMR team. John had previously worked for FMR as our development associate before moving to Chicago to pursue new opportunities. Now he's back as our new member relations manager and has hit the ground running, serving FMR's incredible community of members and donors.  >>

May 6

Welcome, Monica!

Monica Bierma

FMR is thrilled to welcome Monica Bierma as our new administrative assistant and bookkeeper. Monica comes to FMR with 21 years of professional administrative assistant and office management experience, and spends her time outside of work volunteering, hiking, biking, kayaking and camping.  >>

April 12

A new plan to guide our work

Child plants a tree; Mississippi River and bright sky

A young volunteer helps plant climate-resilient trees in our stunning metro river corridor. (Photos [left to right] by Will Stock and Jim Hudak)

As the river and our communities change, so do our priorities. In our latest strategic plan, we're steering toward initiatives around equity, climate change, agriculture, youth and more.  >>

June 24

Local storytelling legend Loren Niemi on the power of stories and how the river changed him

Loren Niemi

Selected storytellers for our Moth-esque fall gala will have the opportunity to workshop with Loren Niemi — a National Storytelling Network Lifetime Achievement Award winner — to hone their stories and presentation. They'll also receive an honorarium. Interested? Submit your story by July 24.

We're thrilled to engage noted local storyteller Loren Niemi in planning and curating Our Storied River: An Evening Celebrating the Mississippi River this fall. In a recent interview, we learned more about his life as a storyteller, how the river has changed him, and how he plans to work with our story-sharers. (Will you be one of them?)  >>

June 4

FMR welcomes two new board members

Jeff Aguy (left) and Paul Bauknight (right) are the newest members of the FMR Board of Directors.

FMR is thrilled to welcome two new board members to our team. Jeff Aguy and Paul Bauknight join the board with a wealth of experiences, passion and expertise. >>

July 16

Welcome Colleen and Tessa, farewell Jeanine!

Colleen and Tessa

Welcome to our newest staff: Colleen O'Connor Toberman, River Corridor Director, and Tessa Enroth, individual gifts officer

Our office is lively with two new hires: Colleen O'Connor Toberman, our new river corridor director, and Tessa Enroth, new individual gifts officer. Meet them and bid farewell to Jeanine Holden, our former senior development officer and stellar colleague.  >>

March 12

Farewell, Linda!

Linda Moua paddling the Mississippi River

Join us as we bid farewell to Linda Moua as she leaves FMR to pursue an internship at Hennepin County District Court to expand her IT experience. >>

June 6

FMR Executive Director Whitney Clark named transformational leader

Whitney Clark

FMR is proud to announce that our very own executive director, Whitney Clark, won the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits' 2017 Transformational Leader Award. 

Whitney has often expressed that he strongly relates to E.B. White’s comment, “I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world.” But to his friends and colleagues, these appear to be one and the same. 

Our metro Mississippi River and its communities would not be what they are today without your leadership. Congrats, Whitney! 

June 9

Farewell, John!

We miss Friends of the Mississippi River Development Officer John Briel!

Development Officer John Briel is on his way to the Windy City. 

FMR is bidding a bittersweet farewell to our longtime and beloved development officer, John Briel.

May 3