Barb Heintz


Professional Bio

Bachelors of Science - Accounting from Iowa State University - CPA Certificate (Inactive). Barb has over five years of experience in public accounting for a St. Paul firm, in which she performed a wide range of services including audits, compilations, tax preparations, data management, payroll services & general accounting support. Barb chose to place her license on inactive when she left public accounting and at one point was a full-time homemaker. She also worked full-time in the accounting department of a quasi-governmental organization for several years and part-time for seven years for a faith-based organization. Barb has served on the board of directors of other non-profit organizations.

FMR Role

Barb works part-time as the FMR Bookkeeper, which performs all the basic accounting functions for the organization. She processes payments to vendors; generates invoices & handles receipts via credit card or checks; administers payroll, time-sheets, and benefits; maintains the general ledger; prepares financial reports; and works with the auditors. The FMR staff consists of a group of very competent, dedicated people and Barb enjoys working as a team-member to provide reliable financial information and accounting support.

Personal Details

Barb and her husband, Lowell, reside in North St. Paul, Minnesota and have four children. Currently, several are in college and one is still in high school. Therefore, much of Barb’s time is spent moving them to/from college dorms/apartments and being a soccer mom (actually cross-country, wrestling, and track) for her youngest. Barb enjoys spending time with family, reading mysteries, running, biking and volunteering at her place of worship.