Deanna Wiener

Deanna Wiener
Professional experience: Real estate broker for 30 years with Cardinal Realty. Served 38th District as State Senator, 1993-2002, representing Eagan.

Education: Trained as a registered nurse, St. Mary’s Junior College.

FMR Board committee: Chair, Development Committee

Quote: “I am honored to help preserve and protect a portion of America’s artery.”

Hobbies: “Biking, traveling, cooking, being a grandma.”

Interesting book: Life of Pi, by Yann Martel.

Favorite Mississippi River location: Mounds Park. “I love viewing the river’s majesty from above and it is near where I grew up.”

Favorite animal: Slow loris (slow moving strepsirrhine primate that ranges from Borneo and the southern Philippines in southeast Asia, through Bangladesh, Vietnam, southern China [Yunnan area] and Thailand.)

Last memorable vacation: Biking in Spain

Favorite musician: Ry Cooder

Conservation/Environmental heroes: Meridel LeSeuer.