PBS: 'How a new grain could help combat climate change' (Video)

by Trevor Russell

PBS News Hour recently turned their attention to Minnesota’s efforts to develop Kernza – a perennial wheat developed through the University of Minnesota’s Forever Green Initiative.

As they put it: "Scientists in Minnesota and Kansas are developing a grain called Kernza, which, unlike most of our food crops, is a perennial plant with a whole host of environmental benefits. While it’s still far from hitting the market widely, food producers big and small are starting to get on board."

Check out their video below to learn why clean-water crops like Kernza are a top priority for FMR's water program.

Pancakes for the planet?

PBS also features a great video of renowned local chef and author (and friend of the river) Beth Dooley, cooking up Kernza pancakes.

The how-to recipe was recorded at News Hour's recent visit to the Birchwood Cafe in Minneapolis.

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