New FMR film about our local national park — Watch the trailer and sign up for the premiere!

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service in 2016, FMR is making a documentary about our very own national park, the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area. The film tells the story of the effort to get Congress to designate the park, explores the meaning of this legacy, and stresses the need for continued stewardship and advocacy on the park's behalf. Check it out!

If you didn't know that our local stretch of the Mississippi is a national park, you're not alone. Ask most Twin Citians where our nearest national park is located, and many will scratch their head and suggest Voyageurs or maybe the Apostle Islands. But there is only one national park on the entire length of the Mississippi River whose focus is the great river, and that park is right here in the Twin Cities.

"Hidden Grace: Our Mississippi River National Park" (working title) will air on Twin Cities Public Television in spring 2016 and public screenings are planned as well. If you enjoy the trailer above and would like to be invited to the premiere, just let us know!

Eventbrite - Notification list for the April 2016 premier of "Hidden Grace: Our Mississippi River National Park"