FMR Advisor Deb Swackhamer stands strong before Trump's EPA

When the Environmental Protection Agency’s chief of staff pressured Deborah Swackhamer, the top scientist on the agency’s scientific review board, to alter her congressional testimony to play down President Trump's dismissal of expert advisers, she stood strong. Swackhamer refused the request and delivered her planned testimony before the House Science Committee on exactly what she intended: the importance of science in helping the EPA make decisions, and not letting political agendas "marginalize" and "politicize" scientific data.

We could not be more proud of Ms. Swackhamer, who is a longtime friend of FMR and former director of the University of Minnesota Water Resources Center, and a member of  FMR's Council of Advisors.

Learn more about how she refused to be bullied from the New York Times, MSNBC, MPR and Science magazine.  

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