The river has something to ask you: 'Will you be my friend?'

Volunteers remove invasive species

FMR's work with volunteers to plant and tend a native demonstration prairie garden at Ole Olson Park has paid off. Not only does this patch of prairie help improve water quality, but it also provides habitat for pollinators and wildlife and creates a beautiful view of the Minneapolis skyline from the banks of the Mississippi.

A voice for the river

The Mighty Mississippi originates as a humble stream at a small woodland lake in our state. For years, it got its first full taste of what humans can do to abuse a waterway when it hit the Twin Cities, where, for well over a century, it served as an industrial sewer, made utterly devoid of life. 

Over 25 years ago, our founders decided to roll up their sleeves and start an organization dedicated to protecting our hometown river. Since then, the river has come such a long way. And we've relied on a community of supporters to help strengthen our role as the voice for this great natural treasure.

When you donate, you become an FMR member and crucial supporter. You can take satisfaction in knowing you're making a tangible difference for your river and your community. And what could be better than becoming best friends with that big, legendary, world-renowned, sung-about, vital, despoiled-but-fighting-back river running through your own backyard? 

The river can heal itself if we not only let it but also assist it. With your support, we will: protect and restore lands critical to the health of the river, people, pollinators and other native wildlife; work with agriculture groups to advance market-based strategies to reduce agricultural water pollution in Minnesota; ensure future riverfront development will respect the river’s unique natural and cultural resources, as well as its vital ecological functions.

Truly, the health of the Mississippi River is our responsibility to protect.

A community of friends

When you become a member, you join a family of conservationists, anglers, kayakers, hikers and river lovers who share one big dream — to restore the Mighty Mississippi, including its prairie and floodplain habitats, and to make the river safe and accessible to all. 

There's so much hope for the Mississippi River. Creating a clean, thriving river is not an easy job with quick solutions. But it is a job worth doing. I hope you'll agree that with your help we can leave our next generations a clean, clear and safe river. Trust us, the Mississippi River's best days are ahead with your support.

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