Four new towers proposed for downtown St. Paul riverfront

Artist rendering of development

Proposed development along the riverfront could dramatically change the St. Paul city skyline by adding four towers, one of which could be taller than our tallest skyscraper, the Wells Fargo building. (Image: Public domain via Ramsey County/AECOM)

A major development including four tall towers on St. Paul's downtown riverfront is currently under consideration for the former West Publishing and county jail site.

Ramsey County, which owns the site, is considering an ambitious proposal from developer AECOM to build a "lid" or platform over the rail line and Shepard Road. This platform would expand the buildable area and provide improved riverfront access from downtown.

The proposed development, which could include a hotel, office tower and rental apartments is currently in a feasibility phase. The developer is exploring the acquisition of rights to build over the rail line and is evaluating the financial feasibility of the project. The results of this analysis are expected to be presented to Ramsey County in June.

FMR staff have been participating in an advisory committee convened by the county and will remain engaged in the process as the proposal unfolds.

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