Environmental Stewardship Institute

Environmental Stewardship Institute
2021 ESI guest post: Biodiversity loss in urban areas with a focus on the Twin Cities

Summer Environmental Stewardship Institute fellow Holly researched the reasons for biodiversity loss in the Twin Cities and gave solutions for city planners and individuals with environmental justice in mind. She offered up Bridal Veil Open Space in Minneapolis as an example of restored biodiversity in an urban area.  >>

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2021 ESI guest post: Pollinator potential

Environmental Stewardship Institute fellow Fiona researched the potential for pollinator habitat to grow alongside solar farms, as well as her own potential future in the field.  >>

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2021 ESI guest post: The benefits of composting and how to do it

Summer Environmental Stewardship Institute fellow Lydia set up organics recycling at her church and put her design skills to work creating an infographic to explain how and why to compost.  >>

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2021 ESI guest post: A comic on the symbiotic relationship between the coyote and American badger

Summer Environmental Stewardship Institute fellow Mateo's comic imagines those in conflict over water resources learning from Native knowledge around the cooperative hunting strategies of coyotes and badgers.  >>

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2021 ESI guest post: A marginalized river — The Hatgyi Dam on the Salween in Myanmar

ESI fellow Cho Wah Paw shares her final project, a stereoscope showing the human rights issues and biological and cultural diversity at risk due to the proposed hydropower Hatgyi Dam on the Salween River in Southeast Asia.  >>

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Environmental Stewardship Institute alum keeps Hidden Falls Park clean

A summer project turned into a year-round commitment for 2020 ESI Fellow Jonathan Wilson-Thieroff. Read about how he made an impact reducing fishing line waste at this beloved riverfront park.  >>

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Jonathan with his fishing line receptacle


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