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Mississippi River News

How to support our downstream neighbors after the hurricane

As our downstream neighbors continue to recover from yet another deadly and devastating hurricane, many of us are wondering "How can we help?"

Here's how you can support immediate relief efforts near the Gulf, volunteer online and take action to support long-term resiliency for the Mississippi River and its riverfront and delta communities.  >>

September 14

Star Tribune: 'Habitat or housing?' ... We say both

Ramsey County is grappling with a big question: Is responding to both our climate crisis and affordable housing crisis a zero-sum game? How can we create the housing the Twin Cities needs, while also preserving the homes of other species whose populations are collapsing?  >>

July 19

Tributes to Walter Mondale and Deb Swackhamer

Deb Swackhamer and Walter Mondale

We're honored to have worked with these inspiring leaders: Dr. Deborah Swackhamer (left) and Walter Mondale (right). (Photos by Tom Reiter and Anna Botz)

Last week we lost two great champions for the protection of the environment, for rivers, lakes and public health.  >>

April 28