Trevor Russell

Trevor Russell

Water Program Director

Professional Bio

Trevor Russell has served as FMR's Water Program Director since 2006. He has a degree in economics from the Colorado College, and has 16 years of experience in community organizing, environmental education, and environmental & public health advocacy. Prior to joining FMR, Trevor served as Land Use & Transportation Organizer for the Sierra Club North Star Chapter, served on multiple electoral campaigns, community advocacy campaigns, and served as co-founder and chair of the Minneapolis Lacrosse Association.

FMR Role

As Water Program Director, Trevor's responsibilities include a variety of federal, state, and local water quality advocacy, education, communications, and coalition development activities. This work focuses on issues related to:

  • Clean Water Act implementation
  • Agricultural runoff and water quality
  • Watershed stewardship, monitoring, and restoration
  • Urban stormwater runoff management
  • Legislative and administrative policy development and implementation

Trevor also coordinates the Minnesota Environmental Partnership Water Cluster coalition, and works with our partners to advance legislative and administrative policies that protect and restore water quality and river health.

In addition, Trevor co-authored the award-winning State of the River Report, and regularly presents information on the state of Minnesota's water resources to local audiences. 

Personal Details

Trevor lives with his dog Rio in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis, and enjoys canoeing, camping, raising chickens, and spending time with family and friends. He is an avid gardener,  and home brewer, Trevor has a beer tap in his kitchen sink - you are welcome to share a beer with him at any time.

Contact, 651.222.2193 x18