FMR at AgroEcology Summit

Join us in Windom for AgroEcology Summit 2019: Butterflies, Bluegreens, Kilowatts & Calories.

FMR Water Program Director Trevor Russell will be one of the key speakers at the 2019 AgroEcology Summit, a two-day Science Museum of Minnesota event at beautiful Willow Farm in Windom, MN, August 16-17.

Along with researchers from the St. Croix Watershed Research Station and the University of Minnesota Water Resources Center, amongst others, Russell will present policies and approaches that emphasize the power of perennial and cover crops to protect our water, provide habitat for pollinators, and more.

Getting more plants and roots in farm fields means more fertilizer stays where it's needed, and out of our drinking water, rivers and the Gulf of Mexico/the Dead Zone. Adding perennials into our cropping mix can also reduce harmful blue-green algal blooms in lakes and create habitat for Monarch butterflies and other imperiled pollinators. Approached the right way, they can also be profitable as they provide energy (kilowatts) and food (calories). 

This weekend summit features educational sessions during the day and barn dances with live music at night. There are also several walking and bus tours to see and learn about buffer strips, archeological digs, wind energy, cover crops and more.

This event is free — barn dances, live music, tours and some (but not all) meals included — but capacity is limited and registration required.

Sign up by August 9 or learn more from the Science Museum of Minnesota.  

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