Perennial biofuels incentive program bills introduced

House file: HF 2881  Authors: Rep. Johnson, CRarick; Bly
Senate file: SF 2711  Author: Sen. Schmidt

The legislature has introduced bills in both chambers to advance one of FMR's 2016 policy priorities: a perennial biofuels incentive program. Dubbed the "Working Lands Watershed Restoration Program," the bills ask for $479,000 in fiscal year 2017 for the state's Board of Water and Soil Resources to prepare a plan for creating a state-funded biofuels incentive program.

The incentive program will establish long-term contract payments for farm operations that grow perennial crops for biomass processing facilities, and prioritize those contracts in the areas where a transition to perennial crops will most benefit water quality. Hearings on the bills are anticipated in both chambers in the next two weeks.

FMR and our partners would like to thank Senator Schmidt and Represetatives Clark Johnson, Rarick and Bly for their leadership on this important issue.

Learn more about how perennial biofuels are important to the Mississippi River.


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