SHEP Coordinator (seasonal)


Raised in California, Sam (she/her) moved to Minnesota to be closer to the Mississippi River. In 2021, she and her father took 100 days to paddle the length of the Mighty Mississippi in a canoe.

Excited to give back to a river community that has given her so much, Sam brings with her over ten years of experience working at the intersection of outdoor education and youth programming. She is passionate about creating more avenues for people of all backgrounds to connect with the outdoors and spreading awareness of how our lives are interconnected with our environment. She graduated from the University of Redlands with a degree from the Johnston Program of Integrative Studies in Cross-Cultural Ethics & Social Justice.

FMR Role

As the SHEP Coordinator, Sam will lead the Stream Health Evaluation Program for the 2023 season.

Personal Details

When Sam is not working, she might be found somewhere between the Iron Range, Duluth and the Twin Cities — exploring the unique characteristics of these communities through food, music, paddling and hiking.

Contact, 651.222.2193 x23