Write an email or letter to support Dakota County parks and conservation

Thank you for writing an email or sending a letter to support Dakota County parks and natural areas! 


Please send your message to planning@co.dakota.mn.us and, if you're a Dakota county resident, to your individual commissioner.

You can look up county districts here. For your commissioners' name and email address, identify your district on this map and then select the correlating district number on the upper left side of the page to see your commissioner's profile and contact information.  


Please send your comments by mail:
Dakota County Land Conservation Manager
14955 Galaxie Avenue
Apple Valley, MN  55124

If you can, and you're a Dakota County resident, please also send a copy to your commissioner. (District map and addresses.)

Points to consider

  • Explain in your own words why parks, greenways and natural areas are important to you. Do you have a favorite local natural area and a story to tell?
  • Say that you support continued investment in new parks, greenways and natural areas.
  • Dakota County is one of the fastest-growing counties in the state. Natural areas are disappearing and we need to act quickly to implement the Land Conservation Plan.
  • Dakota County voted in 2002 to invest in land conservation. Its goal was to protect 5,000-10,000 acres – and by January 2020, it had protected an amazing 11,536 acres. This plan continues to build from that success!
  • While the county has been a leader in land protection and restoration, the Land Conservation Plan identifies over 40,000 acres in townships across the county that are ecologically valuable and would benefit from protection.
  • We all need more trees to climb, rivers to paddle, trails to hike and bike. Take a moment to share why these places are important to you!

Need a hand?

If you have additional questions or don't know where to start, contact FMR Conservation Director Betsy Daub, bdaub@fmr.org

Or, if you're not sure you have the time after all, consider our letter-builder form instead. 


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