A crop researcher with the University of Minnesota crouches in a field, using a hose to rinse off the roots of plants.
Water & Legislative
January 31, 2023
Clean-water crops received bipartisan support last year. FMR hopes to keep the momentum going this session.Read more.
A close-up of a yellow coneflower with text that says "FMR is hiring!"
Conservation, Stewardship & Education
January 5, 2023
FMR's Land Conservation and Stewardship & Education teams are expanding!Read more.
David Durenberger, in a suit and speaking behind a microphone at Water Action Day at the Minnesota Capitol rotunda in 2018. 
January 26, 2023
Today, we lost a dear friend, not only to Friends of the Mississippi River but all of Minnesota: environmental and public health champion, David Durenberger.Read more.
The top of the Minnesota Capitol building in St. Paul.
Conservation, Water & Legislative, Land Use & Planning
January 3, 2023
From clean-water crops to invasive carp, here's a rundown of what we hope to accomplish at the Capitol.Read more.
A mass of sliver carp jumping high out of the water. Two carp researchers stand on a boat behind the jumping carp, holding nets.
Water & Legislative, Land Use & Planning
January 2, 2023
Sign our petition: Tell decision-makers to do their part to help prevent invasive carp from advancing further up the Mississippi River.Read more.


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