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Colleen O'Connor Toberman

Riverfront regional park plan roundup

Four youth sit on a large log on the river floodplain

Students participate in a water sampling project at Crosby Farm, a beloved St. Paul park. The draft master plan for this park proposes to improve access while maintaining its undeveloped feel.

FMR has been participating in the master planning processes for Above the Falls, Mississippi Gorge and Hidden Falls Crosby Farm regional parks in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Here's a roundup of the draft plans, FMR's comments on these plans and opportunities for future public participation. >>

Upper Harbor Terminal - Where do we go from here?

Upper Harbor Terminal along the river in North Minneapolis

The Minneapolis City Council approved a rough plan for this city-owned barge terminal and mile-long stretch of riverfront in North Minneapolis in early March. However, a series of amendments promise opportunities for substantial community engagement before plans are finalized. (Photo by Tom Reiter for FMR.)

Despite public opposition, the Minneapolis City Council approved the concept plan for the Upper Harbor Terminal (UHT) site in North Minneapolis. FMR continues to have many concerns and will stay engaged as planning progresses.  >>