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Whitney Clark

Tributes to Walter Mondale and Deb Swackhamer

Deb Swackhamer and Walter Mondale

We're honored to have worked with these inspiring leaders: Dr. Deborah Swackhamer (left) and Walter Mondale (right). (Photos by Tom Reiter and Anna Botz)

Last week we lost two great champions for the protection of the environment, for rivers, lakes and public health.  >>

April 28

Lisa Mueller succeeds Betsy Daub as FMR's director of land conservation

Betsy and Lisa

We wish our outgoing land conservation director Betsy Daub (left) all the best in New Mexico, and enthusiastically welcome Lisa Mueller (right) to our team.

We're excited to welcome Lisa Mueller as our director of land conservation. Lisa brings more than 30 years of land protection and conservation experience. And we wish Betsy Daub, our beloved outgoing director, all the best in New Mexico.  >>

January 12

FMR welcomes new program leader Laura Mann Hill

Laura Mann Hill

Passionate about connecting people with the river and each other, Laura is a natural fit here at FMR. An educator, artist and activist, she'll work with our stewardship and education staff to inspire the next generation of environmental leaders.  >>

October 14

A fond farewell to staffer Adam Flett

Adam Flett paddles a canoe

In his eight years at FMR, Adam Flett managed our 44-mile river adventure for hundreds of paddlers, taught metro residents how to construct rain barrels, pulled invasives and planted for habitat alongside many of you, and always brought good tunes and good humor to our staff events. We wish our stewardship and education program director all the best in his next adventure.  >>

May 11

FMR bids farewell to longtime staffer Irene Jones

Irene Jones

This month we bid a fond farewell to Irene Jones, whose intelligence, passion and wit helped shape FMR and the river for the past two decades. (Photo by Alicia Uzarek)

Irene Jones, who has served in several roles over her 21-year tenure at FMR, leaves an impressive legacy for our organization and for the river.  >>

January 16

New development could radically change downtown St. Paul's riverfront

St. Paul riverfront development proposal rendering

One of AECOM's renderings of four proposed skyscrapers for the former site of West Publishing Co. and the Ramsey County jail in downtown St. Paul. (Alternate AECOM proposals do not include the "mast" on the building on the left or west.) (Image from AECOM)

Massive new skyscrapers towering over the St. Paul riverfront are again on the table. The Ramsey County Board is considering three competing redevelopment proposals for the site formerly occupied by the county jail and West Publishing buildings.  >>

October 8

FMR welcomes two new directors

Adam Flett, FMR's stewardship and education program director and Betsy Daub, conservation director.

We are proud to announce Betsy Daub as our new director of land conservation, and Adam Flett as the director of our stewardship and outreach programming! >> 

January 9

Ford site hearing Sept. 20 & 27 — FMR says 'yes' to density AND more parks!

Popular stormwater feature

A new stormwater "stream" is a popular feature of redevelopment plans for the Ford site (see rendering above), but we should also seize this rare opportunity to create more river bluff parkland.

Opportunities to create bluff-top parkland in the heart of a growing city only come along every two or three generations. As draft plans for the Ford site redevelopment along the Mississippi River head to the St. Paul city council, we urge city leaders to seize this opportunity for the benefit of this generation and all those to come. >>

September 13