Chris Higgins (retired from FMR board)

Chris Higgins

Chris Higgins is the Internal Communications Specialist for The Mosaic Company in Minneapolis.

Education: B.A., Philosophy and Business Management; M.A., Business Management, Saint Mary's University in Minnesota.

Quote: "Get on the river. Experience the national park flowing right through our community.”

Hobbies: Bicycling, camping, traveling.

FMR Board member since: 2004

Board committee: Development

Interesting book: Shantaram, Gregory David Roberts

Favorite Mississippi River location: Overlook in Perrot State Park.

Favorite animal: California Condor

Last memorable vacation: Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa

Favorite musicians: Lisa Fischer, Beet Root Stew

Conservation/environmental heroes: John Muir and anybody who sweeps their grass clippings out of the street gutter.