Daurius Mikroberts

Daurius Mikroberts

Program Assistant (through Feb. 2020)

Daurius is just beginning his career in the environmental field, but he's off to one great start. Before joining FMR in February 2017, Daurius led youth groups on educational Mississippi River canoe trips in the Twin Cities as an Urban Wilderness Canoe Area Fellow with the National Park Service and served as outreach assistant with Great River Greening.

FMR Role

From helping to spread the word online to teaching people to pull garlic mustard and other invasive species, Daurius works with the outreach team to promote, staff and otherwise support approximately 200 FMR events and outings annually. 

Personal Details

Daurius has a wide array of interests, including computers, camping, rugby and reading. But between his duties at FMR and school — Daurius is majoring in biology at St. Paul college — he can usually be found sleeping.