Pledge to pull garlic mustard at Crosby Farm Park [FULL]

Event Date: 
Tuesday, May 14, 2019 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Crosby Farm Regional Park
Look at all that garlic mustard – Nice work!

Thank you for your interest in this event, we've reached capacity and registrations are no longer being accepted. We'll be returning to Crosby Farm for a prairie tending on June 6th. Please consider joining us at  another restoration event.

Please note the date change. Due to spring flooding, we've changed the date of this event from April 23 to May 14. Thank you for understanding!


A natural oasis in the heart of the city, Crosby Farm Regional Park is nestled at the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers. Enjoy the beauty of early spring at this riverside park while helping protect native plants beneficial to our local wildlife and waters at this annual tradition.

Alongside FMR staff, volunteers will be working in an area home to a striking array of spring wildflowers native to Minnesota – —Dutchman's breeches, trout lily, and Jack-in-the-pulpit, to name a few. After a brief introduction and training, volunteers will help protect these and other important members of the native plant community by removing the extremely invasive plant garlic mustard, then make the pledge to return to the area to continue this much-needed work.

Although a serious threat, garlic mustard is not only easy to identify but quick to pull by hand, making its removal the perfect restoration activity for volunteers who want to continue to improve wildlife habitat and the health of their watershed after an event, at times most convenient for them during the weeks following this event.

Thanks to continued volunteer efforts throughout the years, we've been able to see slow but steady improvement in the ephemeral patch, and have expanded the volunteer restoration work areas to include the Crosby lakeshore!

All are welcome, however, capacity is limited and registration is required.

New this year at our volunteer events: invasive species collector's cards! Each card features all the specifics you need to ID a plant in the field plus tips on how to stop invasion. Fits in your pocket. Use it at events or in your own yard (or show it off at parties). Collect all four by signing up for events featuring each invasive. (Bonus: You'll also gain SuperVolunteer status.) Collect the first of the series, garlic mustard, at this event.

About the Pledge

Please note that we ask all registrants at this particular event to sign a Pledge to Pull, promising to remove garlic mustard in this area of Crosby Park in the weeks following this training and evening pull.

•All volunteers receive a signed card certifying their participation in the training and granting permission to independently return and perform this volunteer service in this special area, part of the City of St. Paul park system and the Mississippi River National Park.

•Volunteers pledge to a total of 8 hours of garlic mustard removal – 2 hours will be completed at the training plus an additional 6 hours coordinated on your own. If you bring someone with you, their hours count towards your pledged time. For example, if you participate in the 2-hour training and removal session, then bring 2 friends, classmates or family members to the site for a 2-hour session, that totals 8 hours of garlic mustard removal time and the completion of your pledge!

Pulling technique, where to pull and additional details will be covered during the training event.

Can't make it?

Thanks to our partners and funders: The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation & US Forest Service, Xcel Energy, RBC Wealth Management, Andeavor Foundation, and St. Paul Parks and Recreation.