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Native prairie installed by volunteers at Indian Mounds Park

This month we venture to St. Paul's East Side for a trio of riverfront parks home to stunning views, rich history and restored habitat. Check out Indian Mounds Park, Willowbrook and Pig's Eye Lake. >>

July 2018
Prairie skink

Prairie skinks, like this one from northern Iowa, are the newest species to be recorded at Houlton Conservation Area. (Photo from

This summer, a new prairie is taking hold at Houlton Conservation Area, and we're excited to report back on its newest residents. >>

July 2018
Storm drain mural contains music and fish to connect it to como park and hands representing our responsibliity to care for the lake

You can now visit these colorful, water quality-themed mural at Como Lake! This mural is the second design by community members to decorate Como Lake's shores.

Ever wondered why so many metro lakes turn green in the summer?

For St. Paul's Lake Como and many others, one main reason is nutrients that come from neighborhood lawns and streets. After it rains, fertilizer, leaves and grass clippings are directed into our local lakes, creeks and rivers via storm drains, in turn feeding algae and excessive plant growth. 

At Como, a pair of murals reminds us of this important connection between our yards, streets, lakes and rivers, and celebrates the community in the process. >>

July 2018

Heavy rains and flash flooding in Minnesota and Wisconsin have been making headlines. But what is a "100-year" or even a "1,000-year" storm? >>

June 2018

This month in our special places silver anniversary feature, we recommend checking out the miles-long stretch of riverfront parkland on St. Paul's west bank: Harriet Island and Lilydale Park.

(Yes, this part of St. Paul is on the same side of the river as Minneapolis.)

June 2018

A new state rule aimed at reducing groundwater contamination by farm fertilizers could be delayed by a legislative move made formal on Monday, June 11. But Gov. Mark Dayton is calling the move unconstitutional and has instructed the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to proceed as planned. 

At this time, public hearings about the new and much-needed water protection rule are still on the calendar, including one in Farmington, Monday, July 16. Expect a River Guardians Action Alert this July as well. >> 

June 2018

FMR is pleased to announce that Seitu Jones will be the keynote storyteller at our signature annual event, "An Evening Celebrating the River," September 20 in downtown Minneapolis.

In his five-decade career, Jones has been a fixture of the Twin Cities’ art, environmental, agricultural and water communities.

This year's theme is "The River Inspires," and we're shining the spotlight on the special connection between the river and our thriving arts community. >>

June 2018
DeLaSalle High School Green Team volunteers

The DeLaSalle High School Green Team showed garlic mustard whose boss at Nicollet Island, our newest habitat restoration site.

So far this spring, FMR volunteers of all ages have removed truckloads of invasive species, planted hundreds of native wildflowers and trees, stenciled hundreds of storm drains and even "bombed" a prairie-in-progress (we mean seed-bombed, of course). 

And we're not even halfway through the outdoor events and outings season!​ >>

June 2018
Linda Moua paddling the Mississippi River

Join us as we bid farewell to Linda Moua as she leaves FMR to pursue an internship at Hennepin County District Court to expand her IT experience. >>

June 2018

The 2018 Minnesota legislative session resulted in very good news for a 48-acre riverfront site in North Minneapolis known as the Upper Harbor Terminal. An influx of $15 million state dollars will help kickstart its redevelopment into housing, offices, stores, restaurants, an amphitheater, parks and trails. >>

June 2018