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FMR staff and volunteers work at 2019 Earth Day Clean-up

FMR intern Daniel Schmidt, left, helped with the 2019 Earth Day river gorge cleanup. (PIctured here with FMR outreach assistant Sophie Downey, FMR outreach coordinator Amy Kilgore and FMR volunteer Kelly Neal.)

This year we hosted DeLaSalle senior Daniel Schmidt as an intern, who not only helped with a variety of projects but also created his own documentary about major environmental issues and what you can do about them.  >>

July 2019

Four different options are under consideration for extending the greenway across the Mississippi. >>

June 2019

How can a drop of oil hundreds of miles from the Mississippi River end up polluting it? It all comes down to our watershed.

In this new video, FMR's youth coordinator Kate Clayton and SuperVolunteer Astoria explain, with a little help from some food dye and cartoon bathtubs.

Watch now on YouTube.

June 2019

Hastings High School students shovel into place the park sign they wrote and designed for Vermillion River Linear Park. Their teacher, Mr. Beattie, has partnered his field biology classes with us to restore natural habitat at this park for five years.

Vermillion River Linear Park is a 60-acre prairie in the heart of Hastings that FMR has worked with students for years to restore. These high school students wanted to make sure passersby knew about the boon to wildlife and water quality right in their backyard. >>

June 2019

Tired of all of the rainstorms yet? This year has been a historically wet and flood-prone year, impacting cities, towns and farms across the Midwest. In this news roundup, find out what's happening and why it matters.  >>

June 2019
Peter LaFontaine

Bringing a decade of experience in environmental advocacy and campaign management, Peter LaFontaine will coordinate our agricultural clean-water advocacy efforts in our newest position at FMR.  >>

June 2019
Wandering Naturalist

The Wandering Naturalist podcast featured FMR ecologist Alex Roth in May. And in June, the featured topic is water, from water quality to water sports. (Image from Three Rivers Park District.)

Three Rivers Park District's new podcast, The Wandering Naturalist, covers fun Minnesota ecology topics from tracking owls to maple syruping. In this episode, FMR ecologist Alex Roth joined the conversation about the effects of invasive buckthorn and earthworms on Minnesota's wildflowers. >>

June 2019

As reported by the Star Tribune, new limits on farm fertilizer will benefit human health and wildlife. It's a huge step for the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, but is the state doing enough to protect our drinking water and the Mississippi River? >>

June 2019
Artists work on the 2019 stormwater mural at Lake Phalen

Artists Liv Novotny and Violeta Rotstein work on the stormwater mural at Lake Phalen.

On the bridge near the pavilion at Lake Phalen, if you look down, you’ll see a new mural. On June 1 at WaterFest, lead artist Liv Novotny and assistant artist Violeta Rotstein led volunteers to paint this beautiful reminder that all roads lead to our waters. >>

June 2019
Water Street development

Behind the scenes, FMR often meets with developers, stakeholders and government officials to shape development proposals like this one at Water Street next to Harriet Island in St. Paul's West Side neighborhood. (Image by DJR Architecture and Reuter Walton Development)

How does FMR evaluate and advocate for sensitive riverfront development, and what's our take on specific proposals being considered right now? This article gives you a glimpse behind the scenes of our River Corridor program's work.  >>

June 2019