The results are in! Highlights from FMR's 2018 member survey

View from Pine Bend SNA by Karen Schik

As we kicked off 2018, FMR's 25th anniversary year, we conducted a survey of our valued members to learn about their perceptions, activities and experiences with FMR and the Big River.

Nearly 300 people completed the survey and we're pleased to share a handful of highlights. Thank you to everyone who participated! We'll be sure to use your input to shape our work in the years ahead. (Not already an FMR member? Join us.

About a third of members find out about FMR from a friend or family member, while 20% found out either through work or a river-related issue.

FMR members are certainly passionate about protecting, enhancing and restoring the Mighty Mississippi. Thanks to everyone who shared our important work with friends and family. Nearly a third of our members joined because of you!

Nearly 80% of members participate in action alerts, volunteer or attend educational events.

In addition to donating their dollars, FMR members donate their time. Nearly 80% had responded to an action alert to advocate for the river, participated in a volunteer outing to remove invasive species or plant native grasses or trees, or attended an educational workshop or other special events.

From the Capitol to the riverfront, FMR relies on our family of energetic, inspiring supporters every year to get vital projects done for the river. Thank you!

Most members are motivated to give by FMR's approach, staff or board or to continue receiving FMR communications.

Members appreciate FMR's place-based, multifaceted and inclusive approach. We're proud to share your passion for ensuring that the life-sustaining force of the river is protected for all and look forward to staying in touch.

Top values include preserving our environment for future generations, protecting wildlife habitat, holding elected officials accountable and a spiritual connection to the river.

Members hold an array of values near and dear to their hearts as reasons to support FMR and the Big River. Topping the list is protecting natural resources for future generations followed by protecting water quality and habitat for wildlife, holding our elected officials accountable for the health of our natural resources, and a spiritual connection to nature. 

Despite having varied values we all have a thing in common: a love and appreciation for the Mississippi River.  

70% of members are satisfied with the benefits while around 23% feel it would be enhanced with additional educational or social events.

We are pleased so many members are satisfied with their benefits, chiefly newsletters and advance notice of our select events. While there was no clarion call for special stickers or mugs, quite a few members would like the chance to get together more often.

As with many of these results, it was once again our turn to be proud.