Our Work

Our program areas directly reflect our strategic approach to protecting and enhancing the Mississippi River and its watershed in the Twin Cities area. Our vision requires addressing the three-fold goals of land conservation, watershed protection, and river corridor stewardship, and our programs are structured around these interrelated goals.

Land Conservation

The Mississippi River is an ecological resource of international significance. In the Twin Cities, the river's scenic bluffs, floodplains, prairies and shorelands are disappearing quickly as new development displaces natural landscapes. Our many restoration and conservation initiatives reflect the urgency of protecting the river's ecological functions. FMR works with public and private landowners, local governments and concerned citizens to protect and restore critical lands by providing technical assistance, planning, land management and hands-on natural resources restoration services.

Read more about our Land Conservation program.

Watershed Protection

Water quality continues to be one of the most pressing concerns for the Mississippi River, as the entire Twin Cities stretch of the river fails to meet federal water quality standards. The quality of our water is closely linked to land use policies and practices within the watershed. FMR is working to make the Twin Cities a model for watershed planning and decision making that improves and protects water quality. We work to activate citizens, shape the priorities of local governments and influence public policy related to local water quality.

Read more about our Watershed Protection program.

River Corridor Stewardship

The Mississippi River is a cultural and historic wonder that defines our place in the world, in our country, in our state and in our neighborhoods. As communities move to embrace the river and capitalize on its exceptional value, we risk degrading or even destroying the very qualities we seek to enjoy. FMR works within river communities to provide the leadership, technical assistance and expertise in grassroots advocacy required to ensure that the essential values of public access, scenic views and environmental quality are respected as communities turn toward their riverfronts.

Read more about our River Corridor Stewardship program.


Upcoming Events

Saturday, October 29, 2022 - 9:00am to 12:00pm
Pine Bend Bluffs Natural Area at the Flint Hills Resources property
Saturday, October 8, 2022 - 9:00am to 12:00pm
3M's oak woodlands, Cottage Grove - exact directions will be provided to registered volunteers

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