Rain Gardens

A monarch enjoying a beautiful rain garden

"A rain garden is simply a garden with a depression that is designed to catch rainwater runoff in your yard, growing plants that don't mind getting partially flooded on occasion. Raingardens provide wildlife habitat and an opportunity to create beautiful landscaping. And, by soaking up rain where it falls, raingardens slow stormwater runoff, help prevent erosion and remove pollutants in the process."
— From The Blue Thumb Guide to Raingardens, by Rusty Schmidt, Dan Shaw, and David Dods - available for purchase online at Amazon, or in person at a variety of locations, listed on Blue Thumb's website

If you're ready to get started on your own, here are some great online resources:
• From the University of Wisconsin Extension Publication Library: Rain Gardens: a how-to manual for homeowners

If you'd like to attend a class (recommended), let us know by emailing Volunteer Coordinator Amy Kilgore, akilgore@fmr.org, and we'll add you to the email list for FMR's River-Friendly Homes & Gardens workshops.

We also recommend checking out Metro Blooms classes, or working with one of their consultants. Don't forget to check with your local watershed district for additional assistance, classes and grant or cost-share availability. 

Looking for inspiration? A partial list of local rain gardens is available here

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