Fisher spotted at FMR restoration site

One member of the weasel family, the fisher, is more commonly a denizen of Minnesota's north woods than our metro woodlands. Finding a fisher recently at Spring Lake Park Reserve in Dakota County was a rare treat.  >>

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Ghost Pipe
Ghost pipe looks like a fungi, but is actually a flowering, parasitic woodland plant. Read more
Ghost pipe coming up through the ground
Snapping turtle hatchlings protected from predators

Our wildlife cameras caught baby snapping turtles hatching in peace thanks to our new wildlife nest enclosure at Spring Lake Islands Wildlife Management Area. >>

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Baby snapping turtle
Nature notes: Turtles on the go under the ice

For reasons not yet understood, many turtles stay active under the winter ice. Learn more about their mysterious habits and about a local FMR turtle protection project in this month's Nature Notes. >>

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Swimming turtle
Nature notes: Who goes there?

What animals traveled through our yards and landscapes under the cover of night or even right under our noses? A primer on reading tracks in the snow.  >>

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Nature Notes: Snowshoeing grouse?

In this month's Nature Notes:  Oh, the surprising things that ruffed grouse have in common with snowshoe hares and aspen trees. >>

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grouse foot showing pectination


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