Upcoming phenology workshops

As alterations in weather patterns continue to affect seasonal changes in significant ways, it is more important than ever to observe how our native plants and animals are responding to those changes. Phenology, the study of life cycle changes in plants and animals, is a direct way to observe and detect these changes and their implications. When trees or wildflowers bloom each year, for example, directly effect the animals that depend on them. There is far more information to collect than scientists have capacity for, so organizations are now seeking the assistance of citizens to help in this endeavor. A primary leader in this effort is USA National Phenology Network, which maintains an on-line nationwide database called Natures Notebook. Anyone with an interest in nature is invited to participate and provide valuable data to this long-term effort.

Two opportunities to learn about phenology and Natures Notebook are coming up. (If you're seeing this article after they've passed, check out the USA National Phenology Network.)