Action Alert: Urge the Army Corps of Engineers to protect the Twin Cities river [CLOSED]

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is seeking comments on the future of the Upper St. Anthony Falls lock in downtown Minneapolis. The lock has been closed to navigation since 2015 but still serves essential functions, including regulating water levels to manage flooding and ensure a reliable supply of drinking water for one million Twin Cities residents in 18 communities.

In recent weeks, the Army Corps declared its intention to seek a new owner for the lock, a risky plan that could put the future of our river into the hands of a private corporation.

We believe there's a better path. We're advocating for two complementary outcomes, which combined are referred to as "partial disposition":

• The Army Corps continues to own and maintain the lock, sustaining its essential functions such as managing floods and ensuring a reliable drinking water supply for one million Twin Citians.

• Land around the lock, which the Army Corps no longer needs, is transferred to the city of Minneapolis to create public access.

Join FMR and Friends of the Falls in calling on the Army Corps to protect the river. By adding your signature to our sign-on letter below, your name and address will be included in a public letter to the Army Corps, but not your email address.

Read more from Friends of the Falls. Visit this link to sign up for email updates from Friends of the Falls. And read more from FMR.

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