Our updated Land Use & Planning program name

The Land Use & Planning program has a new name but the same scope and mission. Find out what we're up to on our Land Use & Planning blog. (Photo: Peter Myers)

Since FMR's founding, riverfront land use policy and advocacy have been central to our mission.

We work with residents, local government agencies and elected leaders to ensure that the natural, scenic, cultural, historical, recreational and public values of the Mississippi River corridor are understood, protected, enhanced and celebrated. This includes developing land-use policies, advocating for parks and public access and guiding riverfront development.

For many years, we called this area of our work the River Corridor program. We've recently updated that program name to the Land Use & Planning program to make it easier for the public to understand what we do. Our mission and our work haven't changed.

To learn more about each of FMR's program areas — Land Conservation, Water Quality, Stewardship & Education, and Land Use & Planning — check out our blogs.

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