ESI guest post: Invasive zebra mussels

Alaia, Camille and Amani — 2023 Environmental Stewardship Institute (ESI) fellows

This is a guest post from Alaia, Camille and Amani, 2023 Environmental Stewardship Institute (ESI) fellows. ESI fellows design and carry out a capstone project during a six-week summer program. Alaia, Camille and Amani looked into invasive zebra mussels and control methods. (Note: Opinions expressed in ESI projects are those of the program participant and do not necessarily represent those of FMR.) 

* * * * *

For our final project, we created a Google slideshow presentation of the cause, damage and positive effects of invasive zebra mussels.

You can see our slides here.

Why we chose this project

Last year in ESI, Amani's final project was about purple loosestrife, another invasive species in Minnesota. We wanted to stick in that area because we love nature, and don’t really like things that are so damaging to it that they could possibly take it away from us.

What we hope you take away

We want readers to just have some knowledge on what zebra mussels are and what to do if they come across them. Make sure to wear water shoes in lakes and ponds!

* * * * *

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