ESI guest post: A local dive into environmental justice

Stacy, Margaret and Norijah, 2022 Environmental Stewardship Institute (ESI) fellows

This is a guest post from Stacy, Margaret and Norijah, 2022 Environmental Stewardship Institute (ESI) fellows. ESI fellows design and carry out a capstone project during a six-week summer program. This group explored environmental racism in three local case studies: North Minneapolis air quality, East Phillips Neighborhood Urban Farm, and Enbridge Lines 3 & 5. (Note: Opinions expressed in ESI projects are those of the program participants and do not necessarily represent those of FMR.) 

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For our final project, we investigated the effects of environmental racism in different parts of our own city. We interviewed the leaders of case studies to gain a first-hand perspective on the fight for justice.

You can see our final presentation of case studies here.

Why we chose this project

Stacy explains, "I chose to focus on environmental justice because I have always been a passionate activist and advocate. Especially as a woman of color, it has been an uphill battle to fight for justice. By interviewing those directly involved in creating change, and hearing from those who are affected by these injustices every day, I hoped to shed light on these environmental issues and spread awareness. By publishing this presentation and these interviews, my vision is for others to educate themselves on these issues and join the fight for change."

What we hope you take away

Low-income and BIPOC communities are often disproportionally affected by environmental issues. Many of these communities and areas in Minneapolis and Saint Paul are currently fighting for environmental justice on issues including but not limited to air pollution, water pollution, unsafe homes, inadequate access to food, etc. Reading more about these issues in your own city will help spread awareness and contribute toward the efforts for change.

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