Thank you, Urban Bird Collective!

This fall, we held a BIPOC bird walk with the Urban Bird Collective in the Mississippi River Gorge. We were one of five organizations they partnered with this year to support Black, Indigenous, People of Color and LGBTQ individuals in exploring birding and metro parks.

In this great article from the Minneapolis Parks Foundation, Urban Bird Collective founder Monica Bryand talks about why she's "building a more diverse, inclusive birding community," and our own Stewardship and Education Director Laura Mann Hill reflects on the power of these BIPOC events:

"Birding today was another reminder of how we are able to heal collectively when we are connected to … our natural surroundings. We take time to pause, to listen to the birds and be in awe of our surroundings. It brings a sense of calm and happiness."

We also want to give a shoutout to the Urban Bird Collective for being the latest group to officially endorse the Mississippi River Restoration & Resilience Initiative Act, a potentially transformative bill now in Congress.

We're looking forward to joining the Urban Bird Collective for more BIPOC-centered events


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