Clean Water Council submits recommendations to Legislature, governor

A close-up of river water running alongside a stone-covered bank.

In total, the Council recommended $314.7 million in Clean Water Fund investments over the next two years. (Photo by Rich Wahls for FMR)

As required by state statute, the Clean Water Council has submitted its biennial recommendation to the legislature and Governor regarding how the state’s Clean Water Fund should be invested this session.

In total, the council’s FY 24-25 Clean Water Fund recommends $315 million in investments from the state’s Clean Water Fund toward water quality protection and restoration activities across the state. Included is $6 million for the continued development of clean-water crops coming out of the Forever Green Initiative

The council’s full recommendations are available in detail here

We expect legislation reflecting these recommendations to advance later in the 2023 legislative session.

Read more about the Clean Water Fund and the types of investments FMR supports here.

Previous 2023 updates

Jan. 6: Council finalizes recommendations for Clean Water Fund spending

The Minnesota Clean Water Council finalized its recommendations for how the state should spend money from the Clean Water Fund.

The council, at its Dec. 19 meeting, officially recommended a total of $314.7 million in Clean Water Fund investments over the next two years. Included in that total is $6 million for the continued development of clean-water crops, which is one of FMR's top priorities.

The completed FY24-25 recommendations will be released publicly by the Jan. 15 deadline.

Once that happens, we'll work with lawmakers, state agencies and other clean water stakeholders to ensure Clean Water Fund appropriations bills in the House and Senate adhere to the council's recommendations when those bills come forward later in the session. 

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