Watershed Protection Program details

Water is a precious, limited resource. Clean water is essential for life – and a vital component of our Minnesota way of life. The cultural, economic, recreational and public health benefits of clean, healthy water have long been priorities for communities throughout the Mississippi River watershed.

Water quality continues to be one of the most pressing concerns for the Mississippi River, as the entire Twin Cities stretch of the river is on the impaired waters list. In order to restore the health and integrity of the river, FMR works with community stakeholders to protect and enhance water quality in the Mississippi River and its watershed in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Our Watershed Protection Program works to activate and engage individual citizens through education, monitoring and volunteer stewardship programs. We also work shape the priorities of local governments and impact public policy related to local & state water quality.

Through these activities, FMR is working to make the Twin Cities a model for watershed planning and decision making that improves and protects water quality. To learn more about our Watershed Protection Program project areas, click on the links below.

Water Quality and the Clean Water Act

The Clean Water Act, along with state and local water protection laws, forms the foundation of our clean water policy and water clean up programs in Minnesota. To learn more, click on the Impaired Waters 101 link below. The best way to learn about the most significant issues facing water quality today in the metro area is to start with The State of the River Report

Minnesota Water Quality Policy and Standards

FMR’s work to protect water quality in the Mississippi River focuses on ensuring clean water act implementation of pollution protections throughout the state of Minnesota. To learn more, click on the project pages below.

Local Water Quality Policy and Projects

FMR works at the community and watershed level on a wide range of projects. Click on the project pages below to learn more:

Stewardship and Monitoring Projects

FMR implements watershed-based stewardship and monitoring programs in two target watersheds in the Twin Cities metro area.

Education and Outreach Programs

FMR is involved in a number of public education and outreach programs. This includes leadership positions in several water quality education and outreach coalitions. To learn more, click on the project pages below:

Contact Us

For more information about these projects, please contact FMR’ Watershed Program Director Trevor Russell via out contact form or by phone at (651) 222-2193 ext. 18.