Action Alert: Pass a clean Environment Trust Fund Bill

Image courtesy of USFWS Midwest Region.

Note: Our board and staff are actively pursuing more explicitly anti-racist action and advocacy in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd. We'll be in touch with FMR River Guardians with opportunities to support our standing priorities as well as evolving anti-racist advocacy opportunities this special session.


As the Minnesota Legislature heads into a second special session, the fate of the Environmental & Natural Resources Trust Fund (ENRTF) bill hangs in the balance.

Our ask today is simple: Please reach out to your legislators and ask them to pass a clean environment trust fund bill as a standalone package.

The voter-approved ENRTF was established in 1988 "for the public purpose of protection, conservation, preservation, and enhancement of the state's air, water, land, fish, wildlife, and other natural resources." 

Over the years, the fund has invested in over 1,700 research and conservation projects across the state.

Unfortunately, this year's funding is now at risk from legislative inaction. If that doesn't change, Minnesota will go without more than $61 million in much-needed environmental projects this year — along with the jobs and economic activity those investments create.

Take Action

Lawmakers tell us that the more personal a message is, the more influence it has. So please take a minute or two to personalize your comments!