Bills nullifying wild rice protection advance at #MNLeg

SF 2983 (Eichorn – R)
HF 3280 (Lueck – R)

In 1973, Minnesota adopted a sulfate standard to protect wild rice, found by studies to grow primarily in low-sulfate waters. Sulfate pollution from iron ore mines, paper mills and wastewater plants can contaminate sediment in wild-rice growing waters, endangering wild rice stands. 

Water quality standards

To help protect Minnesota’s state grain, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) established a water quality standard of 10 mg/L sulfate in 1973.

In recent years, this standard has become contentious. In 2011, claiming that the sulfate standard was scientifically unsupported, the Legislature directed $1.5 million to research the impacts of sulfate on wild rice. They also prohibited the state from enforcing the existing standard until it was revised.

With that research now completed, the MPCA is currently in the process of developing a new sulfate rule, as directed by law.

Legislative end-run

Rather than wait for the outcome of the science-based process it demanded in 2011, the Legislature is instead aiming to nullify the existing water quality standard AND end the current rulemaking process, denying basic state protections for wild rice.


The Senate version of the bill passed through several committees and will be before the Senate Finance committee Tuesday, April 10. Likewise, the House, which moved the bill through the environment and local government committees, will hear the bill next in the Ways & Means committee Monday, April 9.

Both committees are expected to pass the bills and send them to the House and Senate floors for votes very soon.

You can help!

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