Protect environmental programs, stop rollbacks

Last year’s session saw both houses of the legislature pass one of the most far-reaching environmental bills in recent memory, rolling back environmental policy and funding nearly across the board. Fortunately, Gov. Mark Dayton swiftly vetoed the original Environment Bill.

Unfortunately, many of the rollbacks to basic environmental protections in last year’s original vetoed bill are likely to re-appear in legislation this session.

We stand with Minnesotans from all walks of life who believe that clean and healthy rivers, lakes, streams and drinking water supplies must never be compromised for political gain.

FMR will continue to work hard to prevent further rollbacks and protect Minnesota's existing policies and programs that protect our natural resources.

Keep up to date

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You can help

FMR River Guardians will be the first to know about opportunities to help prevent rollbacks and support important legislation this session. (If you're not one already, we encourage you to sign up!)

River Guardians are also invited to special events, including happy hours, where we discuss important legislative and metro river corridor issues.


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