Where to buy food, drinks made with clean-water crops

by Shaymus McLaughlin

We've talked a lot about the environmental and economic promise of the clean-water crops being developed by the Forever Green Initiative. But some of these crops also make pretty darn tasty treats — many of which are available to buy online.

Below are some of the businesses selling products made with Forever Green crops. Keep in mind this list is not exhaustive, and some of these items might be small batches that go in and out of stock. (But if something isn't available right now, you can always check again at a later date.)

• American Hazelnut Company

Hazelnut products: Flavored snack packs (salted, spicy maple, roasted rosemary), oil, kernels.
Buy here

• Artisan Naan Bakery

Kernza products: Naan, pita pockets.
Buy here.

• Cascadian Farms

Kernza products: Organic Climate-Smart Kernza Grains Cereal.
Buy via Whole Foods.

• Columbia County Bread & Granola

Kernza products: Sprouted Kernza cracker.
Buy here.

• Doughp Creations

Kernza products: Sourdough loaf, maple bars.
Buy here.

• Patagonia Provisions

Kernza products: Fusilli pasta.
Buy here.

• Perennial Pantry

Kernza products: Crackers, flour, pancake and waffle mix, whole grain.
Buy here.

• River Hills Harvest

Elderberry products: Dried elderberries, juice, lemonade, tea, honey, jelly.
Buy here.

• Simpls

Kernza products: Miso Kernza.
Buy here.

Looking for recipes?

Want to make some of your own baked goods and meals with clean-water crops? Check out the Forever Green Cookbook, The Perennial Kitchen cookbook and the results of our Kernza bake-off for some tips and recipes.

You can help

Thank you to all the FMR River Guardians who weighed in to support the development of these crops!

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